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About Elevation Church

In 2011 Elevation Church was named the 2nd fastest growing church and 51st largest church in America by Outreach Magazine. In seven years, Elevation Church has grown to more than 12,000 in attendance each week at six locations. Elevation’s web presence has grow to nearly a quarter million monthly visits. Since it’s launch, they’ve seen more than 21,000 people receive salvation.Visit elevationchurch.org.


  • 151% increase in visits
  • 199% increase in uniques
  • 188% increase in pageviews
  • 26% increase in average time on site
  • 37% increase in traffic from search engines

  • Served 2 years
  • Lead a team of full time, part time, volunteer and intern developers, designers and copywriters
  • Managed relationships with creative, worship and ministries teams
  • Increased distribution and quality of video teaching online (App, IP-TV apps/channels and Podcasts)
  • Developed content management schedule and processes
  • Created tools to encourage use interaction, sharing of video content and connecting
  • Managed the App development process, content creation and ongoing maintenance schedule
  • Implemented the use of analytic tools that would allow for laser-focused actions
  • Managed live steaming processes, hardware and vendor relationship

Elevation Church Outreach

Elevation Church Extention website

Elevation Church Leader website

Elevation Church 5 Year Documentary microsite

Elevation Church VIP email for first time visitors

Elevation Church VIP email for first time visitors

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Elevation Church example email template for MailChimp

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