About Scott Stafford Design Consulting

Scott Stafford

Has over 20+ years of project management, consulting, UX/UI, ecommerce, digital marketing and design experience.

Authentically Connecting Customers and Creating Fans

I am all about building your customer base and creating fans through consistent brand messaging. I can help you authentically connect with your customers and create fans through the development of a web presence master plan. If you need a website redesign, email marketing, or just need to know what to do next… I’m here to work with you. Check out the Services page to learn more.

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“(Scott) He is an exceptional project manager with great time management, multi-tasking and detail- oriented skills. Not only did he work extremely well under pressure and met seemingly impossible deadlines, he also kept the rest of the team calm and on schedule…”
Lori Leone – Multi-Platform Sales Manager at QVC

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